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Ocean Matrix OMX-SDI-1X4 3G SDI 1x4 Splitter / Distribution Amplifier

Part Number: OMX-SDI-1X4

Drive four (4) displays or recorders simulatneously with the Ocean Matrix 3G-SDI 1x4 splitter/DA. The OMX-SDI-1X4 accepts a single 3G-SDI input and reclocks and equalizes the signal to 4 identical outputs for real-time multi-viewing, video distribution and additional monitoring feeds.

The 4 outputs of the OMX-SDI-1X4 all support SD-SDI (270Mbps), HD-SDI (1.485Gbps) and 3G-SDI(2.97 Gbps) to cover all of your video format distribution needs. The unit can drive output distances of up to 400 meters for SD-SDI signals, 200 meters for HD-SDI signal and 100 meters for 3G-SDI signal.

  • Supports SD-SDI (270Mbps), HD-SDI (1.485Gbps) and 3G-SDI(2.97Gbps)
  • 4 simultaneous SDI outputs
  • Equalized & re-clocked transmission and support signal input
  • Output distances of up to 400 meters for SD-SDI, 200 meters for HD-SDI and 100 meters for 3G-SDI signal
  • DC5V-30V Voltage Input - great for field applications
  • SDI Signal Auto-Detect
  • SDI input/output: 480i/720p/1080i@60Hz, 576i/720p/1080i@50Hz, 1080p@24/25/30/50/60Hz
  • 5VDC/1A Power Supply with 2.1mm Plug (center pin hot)
Item Includes:
  • OMX-SDI-1X4 Unit
  • Power Supply 5VDC/1A
  • User Manual