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Ocean Matrix OMX-06HMHM0002 HDMI 2.0 1x4 Splitter With HDCP 2.2 and Downscaling

The Ocean Matrix OMX-06HMHM0002 HDMI 2.0 splitter distributes HDMI video and audio from a singular source such as a camera, Blu-Ray, or digital signage player, to up to 4 HDMI displays simultaneously, with no signal degradation or loss. The unit supports video resolutions up to 4K @60Hz as well as the latest HDMI digital audio formats, is equipped with built-in EDID management, and supports mixed 4K & 1080p display outputs.

Part Number: OMX-06HMHM0002  |  $155.95

Input: 1 x HDMI Female
Outputs: 4 x HDMI Female
Resolution Outputs: Up to 4K x 2K
Operating Temperature: -5 to +40°C / 23 to 104°F
Bandwidth Supported: up to 18Gbps
Transmission Distance: 15m (Maximum) Over Standard HDMI Cable / 26AWG
Power Consumption: 2W (Max)
Dimensions (L) (W) (H): 5.90in x 2.6in x .69in
Weight: 8.7oz