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Audio Video Device Diagrams

To better understand the connection process between our products, we've compiled a collection of diagrams for each of our major product lines. This way you know exactly what you're getting and precisely what you must have in order to install these devices properly.

Also, we've provided a brief breakdown of what each of these devices offers without the technical jargon that can often get in the way of their purpose. That way you don’t have to wonder, "What is an HDMI converter?" as you parse through our selection.

To look through all of our offerings, take a look at our Products page and use the filters to the left to narrow down your search based on product categories and in-depth specifications.


Embedders / Disembedders

An audio embedder is used when someone wants audio from a sound system to be included in an HDMI video signal. Ultimately, this prevents the need for separate plugs for the HDMI video input and the sound system input.

An audio disembedder essentially does the opposite. It extracts the audio signal from an HDMI input and outputs it through various output options, so the signal can be independently routed to a sound system.



HDMI converters are devices that can adequately connect a non-HDMI source to an HDMI display. For example, if you don't have an HDMI output from a media player, you can lean on a converter to transmit 3G/HD/SD-SDI through an HDMI cable. This doesn't mean that your display will have the quality of an HDMI display, but you will be able to transmit an HDMI signal from your media player to your television or any other display.


An HDMI extender set includes a transmitter and a receiver to "extend" an HDMI video and audio signal. Depending on the model, an extender can expand the 4K video and HD audio range up to 130+ feet and deliver 1080p video up to 230 feet. Check out our collection of high-quality extenders to find the one to fit your system. We offer a variety of filters to help narrow down your search for the right latency, max transmission distance, etc.

Splitters and Distribution

An HDMI splitter/distribution amplifier splits an HDMI signal into two HDMI displays. For example, the splitter will allow you to split the signal from an HDMI source like a gaming console or a Blu-Ray player into two displays such as a television and a projector. This distribution happens simultaneously, so you can have multiple screens up for the big game without experiencing latency between the displays.



A multiviewer is a device that can send multiple 1080p/60 HDMI video signals to one HDMI monitor in order to display the different signals on just the one display. Ocean Matrix offers a four-display HDMI multiviewer meaning you can have four different video signals appearing on one screen. Our offering comes with 12 possible configurations and muting capabilities with the included remote control.