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Ocean Matrix 1x4 HDMI Extender Splitter Set - 1080p60 up to 120m Over CAT5/5e/6

The Ocean Matrix OMX-HDMI-HDB1X4 splitter extender system over a single Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 distributes 1 HDMI source to 4 HDMI displays simultaneously. This system extends high definition audio/video transmission beyond the standard distances for HDMI cable limitations via HDbitT technology. The OMX-HDMI-HDB1X4 delivers full 1080P HDMI signal up to 394 feet over a single Cat6 network cable. IR support allows for remote control of the source at a secondary location with IR extension cables (included).

Ideal for projection screens, remote conferencing, CCTV, high-end security, and remote HD monitoring.

Part Number: OMX-HDMI-HDB1X4

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